Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fighting Technique

In addition to the basic stance and there is also a breakdown of combat techniques are taught. All of these techniques is a continuation of the strike-moment basis. By understanding and using these techniques they have learned to strike effectively when they practise. There are several techniques and basic training;

1. Empty hand Combat Techniques
2. Armed Combat Technique
3. Defense techniques
4. Technical Avoid
5. Hand attack techniques
6. Leg Attack Techniques
7. Drop technique
8. Seal/lock Technique

Fight or "sparing" the next level to pesilat skilled and learned to practice stance. This is because if the techniques were taught to fight this all-stance stance that they have learned will be wasted when they meet the enemy later. This technique can also be trained persilat spiritually and mentally, so when they meet the enemy does not feel fear and panic. There are two techniques that fight;

  • Empty Hand Fighting Techniques
  • Armed combat techniques

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