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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cimandi Pecah Tujuh in Malaysia

Cimandi Pecah Tujuh in Malaysia

History Origins Cimandi Pecah Tujuh Malaysia
Cogreg ( Bogor ) Indonesia in century to 17 to 18 - There are a pair of husband and wife that reside in Bogor, Pak Kahir Adalah a merchant while Ibu Semantan is a full-time housewife. They stay in Cimande, Bogor near with a river that called Sungai Mande. One day, Ibu Semantan go to river to do the daily activity like washing clothing and cleaning food.When Ibu Semantan is being busy washing clothing suddenly, across her river saw a white ape is collecting kupak fruit that spread out in riverside. At that time also appeared a white tiger in front the ape. Happen a clash jungle between white ape and the white tiger. Battle between second this animal striking Ibu Semantan which coincided be there until she left washing the clothing.Her eyes glued to with the act, as if she is watching two warriors that battling. The white ape battling to save the life from in chewing by the white tiger and every movement inch, parry and attack from the two animals in note closely and preoccupied by Ibu Semantan. This incident continuously interval a few hours and this battle conclude with draw results.The both animals lost inside forest and left Ibu Semantan that shock and surprised sengan incident just now. During that same he pulled and surprised because of the time has late afternoon and he quickly washing clothes, do the daily work and quick to go back to home.He also remember that he not yet ripe anything for his husband eat later. In same time Pak Kahir that just returned from trade came to the house. With hungry stomach and his exhaustion to the kitchen to forage. See none what to be eaten and also his wife are not at home him rage and wait for with angry and angry. Momentarily then Ibu Semantan arrived at house and find out Pak Kahir had already was home with very angry state. Pak Kahir enquired at his wife why not preparing food and why late return.Ibu Semantan try explaining and tell but suddenly Pak Kahir slap Ibu Semantan. With by spontaneous and fast Ibu semantan avoid the slap and this cause the husband's anger boil over.
Pak Kahir back to attack more, the wife that remember style pertempuan two animals just now and immediately mempraktikan the movement and move.This cause Pak kahir surprised and become angrier past attack continuous .However all can be avoided and repulsed easily by his wife that step resembling heroine.Quarrel couple then stopped consequence of fatigue. Pak Kahir wonder on his wife which had no self-defence skill background yet able ducked as a skilled silat expert.
Situation return calm and Pak Kahir enquired at his wife ;

: "Where you learn maen poho?" (Means "trick movements" shortened to "maempo").

In this time Ibu Semantan also explain from start to incident end which occurred during he in riverside just now. Pak Kahir also ask his wife show again movement that used when avoid his attack. Every movement and attack move and dodge studied and practiced by this husband and wife. So created Silat Cimande that taken Kampung Cimande in conjunction with the name and Sungai Mande name which became basis and white ape. Ibu Semantan which became Cimande silat's founder have rather a close friend that called Ibu Surtani. He have slashed and teach silat steps Cimande to Ibu Surtani. Ibu Surtani become Ibu Semantan pupil and expand teaching and silat knowledge cimande to Bentan district. In Bentan Ibu Surtani trained Cimande silat to Ibu Muryati which originated from Bengkalis district. All knowledge that taught by Ibu Surtani has in spread by Ibu Muryati kampong his page namely Bengkalis district and have evolved and known until Riau.Surtani mother have rather 8 students that are made up 2 men and 6 women.Between his pupil is

Pak Sukiman that is Silat Cimande founder in Malaysia. In year 1950 an Pak Sukiman moved and travel Batu Pahat, Johore in Malaya ( Malaysia ). Pak Sukiman reside in Batu Pahat, beliau also had stripped silat court cimande who is also known in Malaysia as Seni Silat Cimandi Pecah Tujuh. Few years later Pak Sukiman traveled from Johore to north of the peninsular until Banting, Selangor. There he determined and teach silat until end life. Before he revert to his mercy of God have many pupil and one of from the is Guru Khairi Bin Sakiman that also stayed at Banting, Selangor.
Guru Khairi Bin Sakiman are also known as Wak Khairi continued and develop Cimandi Pecah Tujuh silat's art from Selangor until Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan and Malacca. Cimande court's branch in Kuala Lumpur which opened is in Kampung Kerinchi. Wak Khairi endeavoured and labor expand Seni Silat Cimandi Pecah Tujuh until willing commute from Banting to Kuala Lumpur without tedium until he meet road accident in 1982 which caused the foot half mutilated. However that not break the will Cimande inside himself, after the incident he still actively teach and expand Cimandi Pecah Tujuh silat until well-known.

Because Wak Khairi's illness, he trusted responsibility as teacher to one of his old pupil namely Tn.Hj. Md Zin Bin Omar that reside in in Pantai Dalam to continue and expand Seni Silat Cimandi Pecah Tujuh until now.

In Conclusion

Such as that you know that Cimandi silat's art ( Cimande ) Worldwide in base on and are inspired by a woman namely Ibu Semantan when wash clothes in Sg Mande (refer to Sejarah Cimande version 3) and in develop by Pak Kahir ( Pak khaer) Di Kg Cimande (Bogor) .most Cimande history many focussed to Pak Kahir's life journey and information on his wife very a little. In my opinion Cimande name hails from Kg name. Cimande place where Pak Kahir and his wife lived. However authoritative criticism on our Cimande agree that it is from incident inspiration that is witnessed by Pak Kahir's wife ( Ibu Semantan) and developed by Pak Kahir and Ibu Semantan close friend namely Ibu Surtani which started from Kg Cimande. This wife husband's cooperation result also Cimande stand proud and famous worldwide. Here I enclose Seni Silat Cimandi Pecah Tujuh family tree's chart and Seni Silat Cimande . See and think.

Cimande family tree's chart 1

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Cimande family tree's chart 2

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Full Cimande family tree's chart

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In PSSCPTM, Cimandi meaning (Cimande ) has been modified and in meant by founder teacher in Malaysia ( Pak Sukiman ) with experience, his mind and knowledge so that members get spirit when entering this PSSCPTM.Cimandi insight handed down from teacher to the pupil immemorial

Every name and letter having implied meaning.Incident which occurred all must causal. Cimandi name have rather distinctive reason.



S – Sesuatu / Something

E – Emosi / Emotion

N – Nari (Tari / dance )

I – Intiupati / Essence

S – Sedia / Prepared

I – Ilmu / Knowledge

L – Langkah / step / Lang

A – Amalan / Practice

T – Tawakal / pray , Faith

C – Cari / Find

I – Ilmu / Knowledge

M – Mikir ( Fikir ) / think

A – Akal / Mind

N – Nurut ( Turut ) / follow

D – Dakwah /Preaching

I – Islam / Islamic

BREAK SEVEN ( Pecah Tujuh )

* prove and admit Allah greatness that create 7 sky shell and earth. Apart from that also found 7 strike basis in Silat Cimandi Pecah Tujuh

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