Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Basic Moves in Cimandi

Basic Moves

In every move strike there are move hit .There is three Type move hit that be namely ;
  1. Langkah sumbang /Lang /step Sumbang -Ia also known as Lang Jantan. The movement way hit this is hand and parallel foot or same move, Example; punch forward with the right hand and step foward with the right leg.
  2. Langkah hidup /Eagle Life /step - This Lang also in call Ibu move or female move . The movement when hit is not parallel to paw. It move contrary example ; right hand hit, left leg step forward .
  3. Langkah setempat / Local Eagle - Hit without moving, namely sit truss stand or partial and hit direction in front without step.
In Cimandi Pecah Tujuh most behaviour that used is Lang life / Ibu move . This is either privilege distinctive Cimandi Pecah Tujuh with different silat association, hereunder are the list basic moves that in train in Cimandi Pecah Tujuh

Apart from teaching strike basis techniques fight also in teach to PSSCPTM member

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