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Silat trends Cimande in Malaysia

Silat trends Cimande in Malaysia

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In the world there are several universities Silat is the name of "Pencak Silat or Cimande / Cemandi / Chemandey / Cemandee / Cimandi", including:

Silat Cimande in Malaysia
  1. Silat Cimandi Pecah Tujuh
  2. Silat Cimande Mega Malam
  3. Silat Mega Cimande
  4. Silat Sunda Cimande
  5. Silat Cimande Seleng
  6. Silat Cimande Lincah
  7. Silat Cimande Sendeng
  8. Silat Cimande Gayong
  9. Silat Cimande Putih
  10. Silat Cimande Hitam
  11. Silat Cimande Serumpun

Cimande flows in Indonesia

  1. Silat Cimande - along with Sera (monkey flow), Pamacan (flow Tigers) and Trumbu (stick fight) is a martial art flow built Embah Kahir in late 1700's in West Java. Art is still there in some villages in Sungai Cimande, including the village of Tarik Kolot. Now there are over 300 variations Cimande
  2. Silat Serak, Sera, Syera - one of silat flow developed by KH. Raden Sarean in Bogor, West Java. Serak is derived from the martial Cimande.
  3. Silat Pukulan Cimande Pusaka
  4. Silat Depokan - this stream came from Bogor, see their typical of this trend has to do with Cimande and husky. founder is the father of H. Job.
  5. Silat cimande tepak selenchar
  6. Kuningan Cimande Jawabarat

Cimande flow in Europe

  1. Silat Cimande Macan Guling
  2. Silat Pukulan Cimande Pusaka
  3. Silat Pukulan Cimande Kombinasi International
  4. Silat Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti

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